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Big Brother by Jrakob Big Brother :iconjrakob:Jrakob 1 5
proverb 9
love is just two people who have learned to accept each others faults. True love is when those two people realise the other has done the same
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Psychedelic mushroom by Jrakob Psychedelic mushroom :iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 1
I hate Lullaby for a Princess
I hate Lullaby for a Princess with every fiber of my body, every tendril of every brain cell of my mind and with a darkness so full; were it not that it dwelled in the recesses of my soul, it would shroud the world in a shadowy embrace more horrid than had nightmare moon done it herself.
That animation is pure hatred for Celestia and pure fanboyism for her sister Luna.
If you look at the context the animation is in, if you really pay attention to the things being said in it rather then being overwhelmed by the music, lighting and forced emotion.
If you just step back for one second and really look at what it is suggesting. It is literally suggesting that Celestia knew her sister was going mad but did not even try to help because she WANTED to send her to the moon and simply needed a reason too.
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 3
9/11 remembrance song.
My country tis of thee,
sweet land of bravery,
of thee I sing.
Land where the heroic died,
land of the firemens pride,
From every building side
let remembrance bring.
My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love.
I love thy men in blue,
Thy medics and firemen too
My heart with sadness through.
From that above.
Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees
For remembrance sing.
Let sleeping hearts awake;
Let all that breathe partake;
Let mouths their silence break,
The sound prolong.
Our father's God to, Thee,
Author of chivalry,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light;
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God, our King!
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
Just another love song.
There ain’t no potion strong enough,
to cure the spell I’m under,
And baby when you’re gone,
it tears my heart asunder.
There ain’t no science book.
and there ain’t no magic cure.
well all I know is baby,
I feel better when you’re near.
Every moment that I hold ya,
is a moment I adore,
and baby when you kiss me,
I love you even more.
Your love is like a drug,
and girl you got me hooked,
been trying to break this habit,
for longer than it looks.
there ain’t no power strong enough,
ain’t no fire you could quell
to ever keep me from loving you
in case you couldn’t tell.
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
guns dont kill, people do.
without a person to pull the trigger, a stone is just as useless as a gun.
Look I understand how it is easy to think that outlawing guns or even just so called assault rifles would make the world a better place. But I tell you this. Whoever is under such a law, will be tenfold oppressed by those that are not under it and those that ignore it.
Even in a world where manufacturing a gun would be outlawed for even the government. We have gotten to a point where it would not matter.
We can literally print a working gun in the privacy of your home. We can fabricate one from nothing more than scrap metal and household materials.
Ultimately it is human nature that must change. and sense we can not change human nature, ideology like the one you are standing for is already an impossibility.
I am not a defeatist, I am not a gun toting, talking point repeating, blind republic or an ignorant follower of a document saying it's our right. I am not a robot that is just repeating what I am told; I am a
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 1
Love sonnet to Fluttershy
What shall I compare thee to Fluttershy?
A bird does not do thee justice or truth.
You are more beautiful than a blue sky.
A pegasus whose love I wish to sleuth.
A mare of soft voice and wide pleasant eyes
Who if looked but once on me I would faint
But a smile from you would bring me to rise
Who could ever look at you and speak plaint?
To look at you is better than flying,
When I see you my heart soars to new heights.
Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
You are more  to me then a pretty sight.
I know that you are short of  words and shy.
But I love you more than I can say why.
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
Mature content
A letter to Catholics. :iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
Women Men . . .rant
Why do women make such a big deal about what others think about their image. Just say fuck you and move on. I mean as a guy if some women walked up to me and said
“guh, just look at you, I bet you live in your moms basement, why don’t you get a job geek, you will never get laid”
OR maybe “god you look like such a party head, I bet you are a manwhore, why would I ever want to date you? stop looking at me perv”
My point being, I take offence that it is considered feminisme to, you know, just be normal and say fuck you to anyone that tries to tell you how to act.
I think it’s well past due to wipe that chip off your shoulders ladies. People will always judge you by your looks. Male or female we all get it, it’s time to let go of the idea that women are any more special then man. The fact is we are different but that does not mean we are worth more or less then each other.
You know what most men think when they see a comic like this “oh jeez,
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 3
HelpingTwilightWinTheCrown. marriage proposal song
Hey, hey, little lady! We've got something to say,
You may seem as different, as the night is from day.
But if you look a little deeper.
And you will see
That he's just like you and you're just like he! Yeah!
Hey, hey, everybody! We're here to shout,
That the magic of Marriage is what its all about.
Yeah, he thought they were different, as the night is from the day.
Until  all their love helped them  see another way.
So get up, get down. If you  wanna see him bend.
We can work together helping this man win her hand.
So get up, and smile, see he's  gone the extra mile.
If we you marry this man he would really make it worth your while.
[Pinkie Pie]
Hey, hey! if you try!
you will see, that he's quite the guy!
Take a  breath, and calm down.
Wont you listen as we expound.
(Actors or cosplayers)
[Rarity] Generous. Honesty.
[Applejack] Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty.
[Fluttershy] your love has helped him see...
[Rainbow Dash] ...all that you and him could some day be . .
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 2 2
Mature content
Photofinish Big mac rapoff :iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
Something I made for a friend. by Jrakob Something I made for a friend. :iconjrakob:Jrakob 2 0
Spiked Cider part 3
Spike was idly sipping on a glass of punch, his mind was foggy though he was not sure why. Applejack and him had been reminiscing about things for a few hours and both seemed to be losing track of the things around them. Applejack just put it up to the fact that it was getting late and she was tired, she had no idea that she had imbibed several shots of powerful booz.
“hey Applejack, I know you are kinda bummed that Rarity had never showed up, but I want you to know that I’m glad I came anyways.
Applejack smiled momentarily before it dawned on her. “wait? what do you mean?”
Spike covered his mouth but it was too late. He had intended to make Aj feel better but now he had gone and mentioned that he had only come because he thought Rarity was going to be there. He thought for a moment but decided that it was not entirely true though.
Well, yeah, I was not really interested in coming but then Twilight told me that Rarity was invited too. But when I stopped at her p
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 0 0
Mature content
Sermon 7,6,13 :iconjrakob:Jrakob 1 6
pc is bs
political correctness is really the act of giving no voice to anyone.
If no one can speak their mind in a way that conveys what they really do think than we are a nation of liars and hypocrites.
The fact is, you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time but if you spend all your time trying to make sure everyone is happy, you make everyone unhappy all the time.
It's like a sickness; you don't say or do anything that might offend someone, but in your head you begin to feel alienated because you are being forced to act differently than you really do act in any other setting. Eventually you start to despise everyone around you because you know that if not for everyone's differences you would  not have to feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time. The pent up hostility is just on the edge of breaking free at any moment.
People can sense the hostility, they feel the same way themselves, but no one dares say a word about it because that t
:iconjrakob:Jrakob 1 3


(vision – Does the artwork present or reflect a point of view, theme or idea?) No not really. If I was to make a stretch, I could say t...

First off let me say that this does look pretty damn good. and now for the obligatory "but" but there are some problems with this that ...

(Vision – Does the artwork present or reflect a point of view, theme or idea?) this art piece reflects a point of view that most people...


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I love ponies and dragons, comics, other entertaining things as well as some beautiful artwork.

Activity…  This is the most horrible police brutallity I personally have seen. I am not saying that there are not worse ones but this one was  so damn blatant. In front of hundreds of people. some  even shouting for them to leave the guy alone. I have made a promise to myself to share this video with as many places as possible being that I myself have been a victim of this and never got justice. So please share this video with as many websites as possible. Even just posting the link to face book and asking your friends to watch is enough to make a difference. these men are still free while there victim lies in a hospital. 
Most of the people in the video did nothing to try to stop it. this is exactly how hitler came to power. Don't be sheeple, stand for the people. post and share this video; Demand Justice.


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Personal Possessions :iconcorrvo:corrvo 94 67
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